Sunday May 29, 2005    The Daily Oklahoman  

Twisted 'facts' and fiction by Dennie Hall
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Ever hear of a fictoid? You're not alone if you haven't, but there are plenty of them to be devoured in an Oklahoma City man's funny book, "Fictoids" (Dutcher & Co., $12). Author Bill Dutcher is smart and clever. When he isn't writing, he works as an independent oil and gas producer...more

June 29, 2005 BookWire Review

Author Bill Dutcher's "Fictoids" is a racy read. A fictoid, according to the author, is making a statement or telling a story in one sentence. A typical fictoid tells who did what, when and where, although the fact in it may be debatable. Putting it simply, a fictoid is a fictional factoid...more Review

Fictoids is the perfect present to give Cheap Air Jordan Sale anyone who has a major seizure upon hearing or reading a bad pun because Bill Dutcher will slay them. It is physically impossible to read this collection of fictional factoids without groaning every second page, moaning out loud every fourth page, and smiling most of the way through. This is a highly original....more